November 19, 2009

Super 8 Video....It never seems to get old!

Although Tim Alan Smith is a NYC wedding videographer and focus mostly on video, we often get asked if we can also shoot super 8 film. The answer is YES! If you don't know what Super 8 is, picture the opening sequence of "The Wonder Years" and it will come back to you quickly. That nostalgic grainy, choppy look of film cameras of the 50's and 60's brings many brides in the door hoping we can create that effect on their wedding video.

Super 8 cameras take actual film and many don't perform well unless it is really well lit, so typically we use for outdoor sequences or inside when the lighting is very good.

This particular wedding was at the Pius X church and Scarsdale with the wedding reception at beautiful Trump National Golf Course in Briarwood Cliff, NY, using both black and white and color film stock.

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