May 24, 2010

MSN Article on Top 10 Wedding Blunders: #3 "You will regret it if you skip videography"

Many people find video very easy to cut out of their wedding budget or a way where they can save money by going for the lowest price, but as this article on MSN points out, skipping the video is one of the biggest wedding blunders you can make....

3. You will regret it if you skip videography.
Photos only take you so far: Videos let you hear your voice tremble as you say your vows and watch your friends tear up the dance floor. With more people documenting your wedding, you'll see things you may have missed on the day.

May 11, 2010

Today Show Segment with Tim Alan Smith Wedding Clips

Below is a link of the segment on weddings and relationships that appeared on the Dateline NBC, the Today Show and MSNBC. At the beginning of the segment are clips from real weddings and many of them were chosen from the Tim Alan Smith NYC Wedding Video Portfolio. Check it out!

May 07, 2010

Tim Alan Smith/The Today Show and Dateline NBC! Sunday Night/Monday

Tim Alan Smith Wedding Video will be have some of our work featured on this Sunday's Dateline NBC episode and either Monday or Tuesday's Today Show most likely. Additionally, the footage may appear on MSNBC next week as well! Dateline has produced a segment on marriage and relationships in which they contend marriages are lasting longer and divorce rates are down (good news!). The producer of the show attended one of our weddings and wanted to use footage from the wedding. After getting in touch with us, she really liked our style, and asked for more of our NYC Wedding Videos for the segment. We were happy to oblige! No idea how much is on there or for how long but it should be a very interesting segment regardless. Set your DVRs!