September 12, 2008

The Mailbag: A few recent client e-mails.

Filming and editing a wedding are great but having a happy client is even better. A few recent e-mails we received....

Hi Tim!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you! We LOVED it. Watched the video last night and I can finally slow the night down again and see all the amazing moments of our day. Thank you one more time! You did a fantastic job editing and please thank Dan for his camera work. I would recommend you to anyone!

Laura & Chris
(The Manhattan Penthouse)


We received the DVD's on Monday and they are WONDERFUL! We had a wonderful night watching the DVD and re-living our wedding. You and Bryan captured and edited everything perfectly. We are so thrilled. Tuesday morning I mailed one off to my
parents and another to my in-laws. My parents called last night to say
they had received it and were just about to watch it. I am expecting a
call from them this morning and am sure they will rave about it.

Thank you so much for all you did. It was perfect! (And I will
continue recommending you to future brides and grooms!)

All the best,
Lisa & Mark

OMG, Tim, I forgot to e-mail you yesterday. We received the video and we
absolutely love it. It was so amazing and it was so us. Your music
choices fit in perfect and the outtakes were hilarious. We absolutely
love you and can't thank you enough. We're going to host a wedding video
viewing for our friends so we'll let you know the feedback.

Thanks again for everything. I'll definitely be keeping in touch. We
still have to meet for dinner or drinks.

Veronica & Brian


AWESOME!!!!! Thanks SO much!! I sent the recap to everyone and posted it on our webpage. You did such a great job- we can't wait to see the whole thing!!!

Tiffany & Nick

Tim -

I went through the video last night, and it looked incredible. While Jess hasn't had time to watch the whole thing yet, it all looked incredible to me. In general, the video (and music) look incredible!

Thanks so much for ironing out all the details, and for making such a great product. We're sure to love it for years.

Dave & Jess

Getting e-mails like this keep us working hard and wanting to get better with every wedding we film!