November 20, 2009

Need a Holiday Idea? How about a photomontage or family history video?

While Tim Alan Smith is mainly a company focused on being a NYC wedding videographer, we are often asked by clients to put together photos and video clips for a photomontage or family history video. Many times the client is doing this as a surprise anniversary (any special year such as 5th anniversary, 10th anniversary, 20th anniversary, 25th anniversary, 40th anniversary or 50th anniversary celebrations). We are also asked to do them for special birthday milestones as well as graduation or bat/bar mitzvah surprises. We also take VHS clips that you have collected over the years and combine them with photos and music to create that special heirloom video. Some people simple want us to take their photos and put or scan them to a DVD for safe keeping. We can do all of this. Most people realize that their family won't be around forever and want us to come film and interview everyone at a holiday or other special family gathering. Whatever your need, we are able to help you create that unique holiday gift and family . In fact, my family doesn't even know it yet, but I'm bringing all the video gear home for Thanksgiving and everyone is going to get interviewed soon after the turkey is eaten! To read more about what kind of NYC family history or photomontage project we can do for you, click on the link or give us a call today!

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