November 19, 2009

A happy bride writes in after receiving her video

Being a wedding videographer in NYC is a fun way to make a living, and letters like the one below make it even better! Many people who are unsure about whether or not to have a videographer for their NYC wedding, will see through the bride's eyes how it feels to watch it....

"Hi Tim,

We just watched the video and it is AMAZING!!! At first I didn't see the separate clip of super 8 footage and all those extras. I love it. you used most of the songs i asked for and I like all the others. funny thing is after i thought about it more I really wanted that version of somewhere over the rainbow, you you used it anyway, which is great! you read my mind. I have to be honest I reallly didn't know what you meant when you kept saying this if for the outtakes the day of the wedding, but we loved the much fun!! If my little sister wasn't in it I have to say everyone else would have lacked, but it all came together great!!!
We really loved everything and it captured the whole day! I dk if I told you but right after you left the dance floor went crazy and one of our friends is famous for breakdancing, and he got down...oh well, we have the memories....

Alex and I were wondering if it would be possible to get a separate disc just for us with the Super 8 clip and then the TAS Signature clip too so we can put them on YouTube and share them with everyone?
Thank you for everything. I can't wait to watch it all again and share it with everyone!
have a good weekend,


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