February 18, 2009

Super 8 Wedding Shoot

Tim Alan Smith gets a lot of requests for Super 8 wedding video footage in and around NYC as that timeless, aged film look is very popular with today's bride. I had a hard time explaining this to my father recently, who has his own recollections of the silent Super 8 film that his family shot in the 50's and 60's. I think it's that rough, grainy, shaky look that he not so fondly remembers is exactly what seems to captivates some of today's brides. Many of the images with modern technology from the new cameras are SO clear and SO steady that having that nostalgic, different look is worth the extra effort and cost. Super 8 works especially outdoors but in this shoot I tried to film some in the hotel as well as the light was decent. Although it came out a little dark, there are still some pretty good images of Tiffany getting ready with her bridesmaids. Shooting with film requires constant awareness of exposure settings and light and unlike video, we can't tell what we have until AFTER it's processed in the lab. Regardless, the final product is usually worth the wait and takes us all back in a time capsule to days gone by.