July 21, 2010

Like what you see? Please forward to a friend as referrals are much appreciated!

At Tim Alan Smith, we get 95% of our business through referrals so if you have a friend or family member who works in the wedding industry or who is getting married and need a videographer in NYC, forward our blog or website along to them! Better yet, send an e-mail and cc me (tim@timalansmith.com) so I can be sure we connect! Your referrals keep our business growing and getting better every year so I thank you in advance! While we don't have a specific referral program in place, don't be surprised if a gift card, Yankee tickets or flowers show up if you send us a new client! We are working on a specific program that will be put in place soon! Thanks again for your support!

Emily & Nathaniel, two nights of fun: The Terrace in the Sky and the Housing Works Bookstore

I had the unique opportunity recently to film a wedding that started on Sunday afternoon at the Location 5 in Tribeca and Terrace in the Sky for cocktails and toasts and finished on Monday night at the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in Soho for cake and dancing.

Nathaniel and Emily and contacted me a few weeks before their wedding and I was happy to be able to film the unique NYC wedding! The couple got ready in separate locations before Emily crossed the street with her bridesmaids and surprised the excited Nathan with her beautiful dress and piano solo and song during the ceremony!

After the ceremony, the couple took a few photos in a vintage taxi they rented for the day before taking the lengthy drive north to the Terrace in the Sky where cocktails and toasts continued the celebration.

The couple decided to hold off on cake and dancing until the following night when they invited other friends and wore more casual outfits while drinking wine and beer and dancing the night away to favorites played by a DJ hidden amongst the books. What a night- er two nights- to remember!

Keeping Busy: Locales we have filmed at recently in NYC and the surrounding area

We have been SO busy filming lately that keeping up with the blog has been tough!

Some of the great spots we have filmed include Terrace in the Sky by Columbia University where I personally filmed back-to-back weddings on June 27 and July 4! In the 10 years I have filmed in NYC I had never filmed there and then had the pleasure of filming on back-to-back Sundays!

Other Manhattan wedding sites we filmed recently include the stately Roosevelt Hotel, The Glass Houses, the Yale Club and the Tribeca Rooftop!

Another beautiful but VERY secluded place for a wedding is the Skyland Manor in a state park in Ringwood NJ. Be sure to bring your GPS but the views and ambiance make it worthwhile!

We also shot at the Glen Cove Mansion on June 27 which is also where the groom for our July 3 wedding got ready with his groomsmen! A beautiful wedding with perfect spots for an outdoor ceremony, the Glen Cove Manor is a great place for a wedding if you want to stray from Manhattan. The July 3 wedding was held at Crescent Beach Club where it felt like we had been transported to Jamaica!

We have been keeping busy and hope to get some highlight clips of these weddings and more up on the blog soon!

Last-Minute Wedding Video? Give us a call.

Whether it's a last-minute change of heart or a sudden change in the budget, we have been getting a lot of requests from brides and grooms at the very last minute for wedding video. "Last-minute" to some when it comes to weddings may mean six months from the day of the wedding, but I'm talking about a week, two weeks even two days before the wedding day! Normally we can accommodate even that late because we are able to film up to 3 weddings per day. While this rarely happens, we have enough videographers to cover up to three in one day. This recently happened on July 17 when I was booked in March for a wedding at the Skyland Manor in Ringwood, NJ but we booked a second wedding at the Rye Town Hilton two months before and a third at the Bridgehampton Tennis & Surf Club on July 13! The trend has happened often for us recently with 7 couples who booked in June and July three weeks or sooner before the wedding date! Whatever the reason, choosing Tim Alan Smith as your NYC wedding videographer is a smart choice. After the wedding you will be SO excited to have the day documented and documented WELL that you will wonder how you could ever even think about not getting a video! We find that it's the couples who were least interested in video going in that are most excited to get their video after the wedding day! So if you're one of those on the fence or find that you are in a "last-minute" wedding video situation, give us a call today! 212.706.8904

July 05, 2010

Tim Alan Smith Wins Best NYC Event Video at ISES Big Apple Awards for second year in a row!

For the second year in a row, NYC videographer Tim Alan Smith has won the Big Apple Award for best NYC Event Video! The prestigious Big Apple Awards gala was held at the Edison Ballroom in Times Square and is effectively the Oscars for the NYC event industry, honoring the best of the best in categories including event planning, lighting, photographic images, design decor, invitations and more. It is sponsored by ISES - the International Special Events Society- known as THE organization of the event world. Here is a link to the ISES website and all the winners. Tim Alan Smith wedding video - Rich and Alicia's wedding at the St Regis Hotel- was a finalist for best video but it was actually Tim Alan Smith's NYC corporate video company- Avenue 5 Films- that took home the top prize with Dyson fan product unveiling. Congrats to all winners and we look forward to competing for our third Big Apple Award in a row in 2011!