May 31, 2007

Rainy Day? No Problem!

Last Saturday I shot a wedding in which rain was our constant companion. The church of the Heavenly Rest on 90th and 5th provided a sanctuary from the rain, but the rain also provided some memorable moments. When the bride arrived, her father was there to greet her with a beautiful white umbrella. The footage I got was priceless: father grabbing the hand of his daughter while carefully sheltering her from the constant drizzle with an umbrella right out of a fairy tale.

Following the ceremony, the groom took over the role of valiant helper, guiding the bride from the church to the waiting limo, making sure that she was covered every step of the way.

As they made their entrance into the beautiful glass enclosed Power Station at the Museum of Natural History, I even thought the groom might take off his coat and lay it over a puddle that stood in his way. Fortunately good sense won out over chivalry, but it would have made for excellent photos and video!

The footage of the impressive Power Station at the museum was even more beautiful because of the water on the 40 foot high all-glass structure. The high quality image I get using an HD camera enabled me to zoom in on a single rain drop on a window with great detail and then pull back to show the entire room and area surrounding it.

My purpose in writing this is not to have brides flipping through The Farmer's Almanac and planning weddings on "100% chance of rain" days. I too hope for sunny wedding days if only to make it easier on my equipment and to have a more well-adjusted bride to work with. However, when rain does come, I don't let that dampen my spirits or creative energy and you should not let it effect how you feel about your day and the passion you put into planning it. If rain is inevitable, use that same energy you used while choosing the cake, flowers and favors to buy umbrellas, ponchos, and other rain essentials that are as equally in sync with the wedding theme and style you worked so hard to create!

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