May 11, 2007

Allegra & Josh; May 5, The Puck Building

One of the first things I noticed when I arrived at Josh and Allegra's apartment on 61st street was a chalkboard near the kitchen in which Allegra had left Josh a message kindly reminding him A) when to get dressed B) when to leave for the ceremony C) not to forget to the rings and D) to not even think about having more than one or two cocktails!

Josh was busy putting on the finishing touches when Adam and I arrived, and we filmed his last minute primping as well as nervous conversations with his groomsmen and a quick message to Allegra. We followed them a few blocks to Patsy's Pizzeria, where I promised Josh I would tell Allegra he was just drinking orange juice.

Allegra was getting ready a few blocks away at her parent's apartment. When we arrived the hairdresser was busy fixing up one of the bridesmaids while Allegra was in the bedroom getting her make-up done. Allegra's mother and two bridesmaids then helped her into her beautiful Vera Wang dress and Jimmy Choo shoes before we headed outside for the waiting limo ride to the Puck Building. Fortunately there was enough room in the limo for me to come as well, which allowed me to get some great shots of Allegra as we headed downtown.

The Puck Building is one of my favorite places to shoot, and when we arrived Allegra's father met us outside to help his beautiful daughter out of the limo. We had called ahead to tell him to clear Josh out of the bridal suite so that he would not see Allegra before she came down the aisle. Inside I found Josh nervously pacing and talking with his groomsmen and family as the guests found their seats near the beautifully arranged chuppah.

The service was interfaith with both a minister and rabbi alternating throughout, and incorporating pieces of both Josh and Allegra into the ceremony. When Josh broke the glass and it was official, they retreated back to the bridal suite for the ketubah and license signing as well as a celebratory toast.

One of the nice things about getting married at the Puck Building is the beautiful opportunity for photo and video both inside and outside of the building. Husband and wife photographer team (Weddings by Two) took Josh and Allegra out to Houston Street for some quintessential NYC street shots. I tend to follow the couple and photographers documentary-style trying get some artistic footage while also trying to catch snippets of conversation. The cocktail hour at the Puck building is also one of my favorite to shoot because of the beautiful views, angles and glass walls that help make creative, artistic shots come in bunches. We were also lucky to get a beautiful sunset with spectacular colors that allowed for some amazing photo and video.

The reception was fantastic, highlighted by an amazingly choreographed first dance by Josh and Allegra, a rowdy hora and and an inspired performance from the Hank Lane Band on hand. My parting words to Josh and Allegra were to make sure they logged in to my blog at the end of the week to enjoy their video at the incredible Four Seasons in Maui. I also reminded Josh that once in Maui, he was free to enjoy the Mai Thais!

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