May 03, 2007

Davin & Karyl's Wedding; April 28, Yale Club NYC

(Above article published in New York Times Wedding Vows, April 29, 2007)

Upon walking into the bridal suite at the Yale Club last Saturday to start filming the wedding day of Davin and Karyl, I knew this would not be an ordinary wedding for me. Normally I don't get a kiss from one of the bridesmaids when I enter the bridal suite. Jessica, though, happens to be the wife of my good friend, Ed, who I have known since we lived together in the dorms at the University of Michigan. We were roommates for 3 years in NYC as well, while Ed attended Columbia Business School. It was while attending Columbia that Ed met Jessica. It was also at Columbia that Davin met Karyl.

At Ed and Jessica's wedding in October, Karyl and I gave two of the toasts and helped our friends celebrate their wedding day at the Bryant Park Grill. On this day, Jessica not only provided a warm welcome, but she helped to save the day for Karyl by fixing an unfixable broken zipper on the wedding dress. Panic ensued amongst some of the bridesmaids, but Karyl remained surprisingly calm and Jessica used some amazing skill to fix the problem. It's always a good idea to have a sewing kit around while getting dressed and even better to have a bridesmaid who has MacGyver-like skill fixing a broken zipper without a sewing kit!

Being that they met at Columbia, it was only fitting that the ceremony be held in beautiful St. Paul's Chapel, steps away from the Columbia Business School. I joined Karyl and Jessica for the car ride uptown to Columbia, catching some snippets of conversation between the two on film as Karyl anxiously awaited her imminent vows. Davin- having arrived 45 minutes earlier via a shuttle bus with his groomsmen- paced nervously in the bowells of the church.

The ceremony was beautiful- and we captured it with two cameras to better show the space and feeling of the church. My assistant Adam took footage from the balcony that complimented my shots from the front of the church, which you can see in the highlight edit below. Photographer Kristine Foley made great use of the campus beauty and Grand Central Station across from the Yale Club to get both posed and photojournalistic shots before the reception.

We spent the evening at the Yale Club highlighted by the spectacular cocktail hour views from the 22nd floor balcony and a night of dancing, toasts and great memories in the incredible second floor main room.

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