September 17, 2012

Simon and Christina, The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Simon and Christina fell in love over Macarons, opening the delectable Macaron Parlour based in Brooklyn. Of course the food was great at their wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, including a wide assortment of macarons that the Botanic Garden (a regular client of theirs) had laid out before and after the ceremony! If you are planning a wedding, consider macarons as a unique and delicious treat for your guests or simply a nice favor to take home in a stylishly adorned box!

The couple started their day with a short Korean ceremony at their hotel in Manhattan before heading over to Brooklyn for an outdoor wedding ceremony amongst the cherry blossoms! What an amazing site that was to the cherry blossoms floating in the air as the couple exchanged vows amongst their closest family and friends!  After that, it was dancing in the Palm House until the DJ played his last song!

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