September 17, 2012

Henry & Raquel; The New York Botanical Garden & Church of the Incarnation

Henry & Raquel's love is a true story of love and endurance, meeting in the 2nd grade and getting married nearly 30 years later!  Henry actually proposed in the 2nd grade classroom where they first laid eyes on one another, the day she moved in as a transfer student!

The couple got ready in their childhood apartments, only blocks apart, before a ceremony at the beautiful Church of the Incarnation in Washington Heights.  After that, Henry and Raquel sped off in the Porsche rented for the day to their reception at the New York Botanic Garden.  Of course there were photos and video in the gardens before the couple headed inside for a night of partying as well as tear-wiping moments recollecting their years together.  Below is the Tim Alan Smith recap of the day!

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