March 16, 2012

The value of YOUR wedding video: The bride's mother writes in!

"Dear Tim,

My family would love to thank you for the amazingly professional and
artistic job you did for our
daughter's wedding on October 22nd at the Harvard Club.

When BG suggested we have a videographer we were at the end of our "must
haves" for the wedding.
We honestly thought that all we needed was a photographer. BG gently
suggested that since we had
come this far...the videographer would be the one thing we just might be
the most thankful for. By this time
I had come to COMPLETELY trust his judgement...but, talking my husband
into that next "must have" was a bit
of a challenge. He had hit his "Steve Martin" moment. As I type this to
you...the most important memory we have
of the wedding is your video and EVERYONE has seen it. I really don't
even think of sending anyone the pictures...
I want them to see the video. The video captured the day, captured the
love and the comfortable union between
Ashley and John that a still picture could not freeze in time. Your
video captured it all.

You are incredibly thorough and managed to pull together the moments of
this wonderful day.
Because of you, we get to revisit that day, those moments, that
sentiment, that life and love.

Thank you...your work may be more important than you realize.

Elizabeth B.
(mom of the bride!!)

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