July 01, 2011

A Note from a recent bride....

It's always nice to hear from our clients after they receive their DVD, but this particular letter by Mary and Don, was too nice not to share. Thanks Mary and Don!

Dear Tim,

We finally arrived from Miami this weekend and Don and I have had a chance to see the video. Well, we’ve laughed, cried, and were generally amazed at the sensitivity of your editing (it was not an easy job to integrate these two very different events.) You captured the ceremony, the toasts, the love, the dancing and every cherishable moment. The black and white treatment at the end was absolutely perfect.

I shared it yesterday with my business partner, Carolyn Wall, who ran Fox 5 here for Murdoch for many years. She was very impressed with your work. Expect a call from us for some corporate work in the near future.

As for Don and I, some guests have requested copies of the video and believe it or not, it is circulating within his office (how often does that happen with a wedding video!)

Thank you once again for a brilliant job well done.

Kindest regards,


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