May 05, 2011

Hillel and Rachel, April 10, Temple Emanu-El

When you watch the video recap below, you may think I was trying to be funny, poking fun at the institution of marriage, but the song was actually chosen by Rachel and Hillel. While getting married is certainly "the end of the world as you know it", it changes for the better most of the time!

If their fun party and spirit all day is any indication, they are in store for a lifetime of happiness.

When I arrived with assistant, Louise, the couple were busy getting photos in front of Temple Emanu-El, where they were set to have an Orthodox Jewish wedding ceremony. Soon after photos, the couple and their guests headed to cocktail hour with Hillel and friends doing the sacred Tisch prayers while Rachel readied herself for the Bedekken in the bridal suite.

Hillel arrived with his friends to unveil his bride at the Bedekken and the Ketubah was signed and then all headed into the Temple for the beautiful ceremony performed by Hillel's father.

After the ceremony, the couple was introduced and the Horah commenced, with clapping, cheering, smiles and dancing all around with a spirited performance by the Jewish wedding band, Nafshenu. Other highlights included toasts, a surprise poem by family members, the cake cutting, more dancing, the Mezinka and plenty of smiles and laughs to be remembered for a lifetime!

Untitled from TimAlanSmith on Vimeo.

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