July 21, 2010

Last-Minute Wedding Video? Give us a call.

Whether it's a last-minute change of heart or a sudden change in the budget, we have been getting a lot of requests from brides and grooms at the very last minute for wedding video. "Last-minute" to some when it comes to weddings may mean six months from the day of the wedding, but I'm talking about a week, two weeks even two days before the wedding day! Normally we can accommodate even that late because we are able to film up to 3 weddings per day. While this rarely happens, we have enough videographers to cover up to three in one day. This recently happened on July 17 when I was booked in March for a wedding at the Skyland Manor in Ringwood, NJ but we booked a second wedding at the Rye Town Hilton two months before and a third at the Bridgehampton Tennis & Surf Club on July 13! The trend has happened often for us recently with 7 couples who booked in June and July three weeks or sooner before the wedding date! Whatever the reason, choosing Tim Alan Smith as your NYC wedding videographer is a smart choice. After the wedding you will be SO excited to have the day documented and documented WELL that you will wonder how you could ever even think about not getting a video! We find that it's the couples who were least interested in video going in that are most excited to get their video after the wedding day! So if you're one of those on the fence or find that you are in a "last-minute" wedding video situation, give us a call today! 212.706.8904

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