July 21, 2010

Emily & Nathaniel, two nights of fun: The Terrace in the Sky and the Housing Works Bookstore

I had the unique opportunity recently to film a wedding that started on Sunday afternoon at the Location 5 in Tribeca and Terrace in the Sky for cocktails and toasts and finished on Monday night at the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in Soho for cake and dancing.

Nathaniel and Emily and contacted me a few weeks before their wedding and I was happy to be able to film the unique NYC wedding! The couple got ready in separate locations before Emily crossed the street with her bridesmaids and surprised the excited Nathan with her beautiful dress and piano solo and song during the ceremony!

After the ceremony, the couple took a few photos in a vintage taxi they rented for the day before taking the lengthy drive north to the Terrace in the Sky where cocktails and toasts continued the celebration.

The couple decided to hold off on cake and dancing until the following night when they invited other friends and wore more casual outfits while drinking wine and beer and dancing the night away to favorites played by a DJ hidden amongst the books. What a night- er two nights- to remember!

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