June 22, 2009

Mayor Bloomberg, Tim Alan Smith & hundreds of very excited 10 year olds.

While the subject of this post sounds a little bit like the answer to a riddle, it's actually referring to how I spent last Friday morning. I used to teach at an elementary school in the Bronx before I got into videography full time. As a teacher, I filmed the moving up/graduation ceremonies for the kids and continue to do so every June for PS 106 in the Bronx. This year I stopped by the 5th grade "prom" at Maestro's catering in the Bronx to get some footage of them dancing and having fun with teacher/DJ Mr. Chin at the mike with All Night Long Entertainment. Rumors started swirling that Mayor Bloomberg was in another room at Maestro's to deliver the keynote speech for Aflac insurance company. The combination of good timing and convincing teacher pleas resulted in the mayor of NYC coming in to say a few words to the stunned 5th graders. Tim Alan Smith was happy to have the chance to film the mayor and shook his hand and told him to "keep up the good work" as he left to tend to his mayoral duties. The video below is a quick highlight of the dancing kids followed by a few words from Mayor Bloomberg.

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