February 06, 2008

Steve & Jenny; February 2: The Manhattan Penthouse & The Church of the Ascension

When Steve and Jenny told me last fall that their wedding would have a 1930s theme, I was intrigued by the possibilities.

So when I arrived at the Gramercy Park Hotel on Saturday to watch Jenny change into her gown and accessories I felt like I had slipped back into time when viewing this vintage 1930s look she had successfully achieved. Everyone in the room was awe struck by the beauty and originality of the gown and bride. The theme continued with highlights including the car, bridesmaid dresses and all the details intricately set up throughout the day.

The ceremony at The Church of the Ascension on Fifth Avenue and 10th street was a mix of both religions- Jewish and Catholic. There was a Cantor and Priest who alternated throughout and unity candle lightings were mixed with Ketubah signings and glass breaking. As an alternative to rice and rose petals, the couple had custom-made flags for all their guests to wave as they exited the church. This made for a unique and fun recessional.

The Manhattan Penthouse
, only 4 blocks away, held breathtaking views inside and out, thanks in part to planner and decorator, Celebrate Flowers, for the interiors and the Manhattan Penthouse for it's location and windowed views.

Highlights of the night included a first dance that took months of practice, a festive Horah, the Mezinka, the Cuban theme that was everywhere, a mix of DJ and live music by Body Rock and the empanadas and coffee bar that came out for the guests at the end of the night....

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