January 24, 2008

Orlando Wedding Videographer Convention

I just finished three days of workshops, lectures and networking in beautiful, sunny Orlando with videographers from around the world. The 4Ever Group Videographer Association holds the annual event as a way for videographers to continue to improve upon their skills, network with others in the industry, and to learn about the latest technology and trends available in the marketplace.

Some of the exciting things that happened for me this week include discovering new and exciting music, connecting with a company that can host full wedding videos online, and learning new techniques I can use in my wedding shoots.

One of the most important parts of the wedding edit is the music. If the bride and groom don't like the song, for whatever the reason, they won't feel connected to their own wedding. That is why I set out to learn where other videographers with similar styles find some of the cool music they use in their videos. The good news? I found it! Cool and exciting songs- that still have the sound and vibe I love- will be coming to Tim Alan wedding videos near you!

Another exciting find is a company to host fully edited wedding videos. We have been able to put small highlights online, but until this week, I hadn't found a company that could host fully edited wedding videos. Many couples have family and friends from around the world who cannot make the wedding, so having the ability to have the full video online soon after the edit is finished is reason to celebrate. This will only enhance the value of opting to get a wedding video as well as to increase the friends and family who are able to watch once it is done. (If any of my clients from the past are reading this and would like their video online, please contact me for details!)

Much like using repeating song choices in different videos, it's also easy for a videographer to be comfortable using the same shots and techniques in all of the weddings. While I pride myself on creativity and flexibility in shooting, I did learn some new shooting techniques and editing flair that I will work into my videos in 2008 and beyond!

While I have given myself tomorrow to enjoy the weather and a day at Universal Studios, I will be sure not to forget all the interesting and exciting things I have picked up this week at the convention when I return to NYC!

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