October 12, 2007

Veronica & Brian, Oct. 6; 632 Hudson, NYC

A former sausage factory, 632 Hudson has been transformed into an amazing space fit for the most intimate of weddings. It felt like being in a private home- five stories high- with beautiful art, furniture and unique design to enhance the unique experience. As videographers, the array of angles, mirrors, staircases and other nooks and angles made shooting at 632 a great way to work out our artistic muscles.

Veronica and Brian made sure not run into one another before the ceremony- which proved a bit difficult due to the openess of all five floors. An accidental bride/groom meeting was prevented due to event planner Valerie, from the Cleaver Company, who did a great job keeping people and events organized and on time.

The ceremony was held on the second floor in front of a fireplace. Tim Alan Studios videographer, Adam, was positioned on that level to film Veronica coming down the stairs and as well as ground level view of the couple exchanging vows. I positioned myself on the fifth floor and shot the ceremony thing from above- almost directly above- to give a real bird's eye view of the experience.

After exchanging vows, Veronica and Brian signed their marriage license and headed out to the street for photographs with Maly Blomberg and super 8 filming done by me. We then headed to the rooftop for cocktails as the sun went down on a beautiful day.

A group toast by Brian's three best men was a definite highlight along with the fantastic dinner, cutting the cake and group photo taken from the upper most level of 632 Hudson.

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