October 29, 2007

Fourteen hour Wedding Day in 5 minutes: Time Lapse Video at NYC's Gotham Hall

On October 13, Tim Alan Studios was commissioned to film a wedding at Gotham Hall in NYC. Event planner, Liz Glover Wilson, had the great idea of attempting to film the day- from set up to close- with a time-lapse camera.

We arrived at Gotham Hall about nine a.m. and the wedding set up had already begun. We positioned the camera on a tripod in the main balcony overlooking the reception and ceremony site below. Once the camera was set, it was going to be unmanned, automatically filming snippets of video at preset times throughout the day.

Workers from Stone Kelly (floral and event) and Gotham Hall were busy setting up all facets of the wedding day, which included the balcony where the camera was stationed. This proved to be the only problem of the day with the time-lapse camera. Workers busy setting up the balcony, closed a curtain in front of the camera at some point for nearly an hour, which causes a slight gap in the time lapse (curtain close edited out.) When we returned to Gotham Hall at three p.m., the camera was still operating, but workers informed us they needed to shut the curtain for good. We then moved the camera to the opposite balcony for the remainder of the evening.

Some highlights to look for during the time-lapse include the building of the Chuppah and set up of chairs, the 300 guests filing in for the ceremony, the transformation of the space from ceremony to reception, the Horah, special dancing and toasts as well as the amazing lighting from Bentley Meeker.

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