September 27, 2007

Ondrea & Mark, September 22; St. Patrick's Cathedral & The Metropolitan Club, NYC

Ondrea and Mark started the day getting ready at one Manhattan landmark, The Metropolitan Club, before heading over to another in St. Patrick's Cathedral for the ceremony. This was the second Tim Alan wedding of the year at St. Patrick's, both shot by Lu. Mark awaited anxiously at the front of church for his bride to be gracefully escorted down the aisle by her father. Throngs of tourists lined up in the back of the church to catch a glimpse of the bride and snap photos as she walked down the aisle.

After the amazing ceremony, the couple was greeted by a New Orleans Jazz band that serenaded them and the crowd. The couple was then whisked off in a limo for NYC photos. At the Metropolitan Club, the decor was incredible and dancing non-stop as
Ondrea and Mark enjoyed a night they won't soon forget.

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