September 27, 2007

Janell & Drew, September 21; Naragansett

Janell and Drew knew from the day they met in college at the University of Rhode Island that they had a special bond. Even before Janell and Drew met, she knew that she would someday get married to someone at the Towers in Naragansett, where she witnessed a wedding from the back of the family car soon after arriving on campus.

On Friday, Janell and Drew's initial attraction proved to be on the mark and Janell's prediction of her wedding day equally on point as the two wed. The ceremony was held in a beautiful church just off URI's campus before the party headed to the Towers, whose views of the Atlantic Ocean were awe-inspiring. Jared Charney was once again on hand to capture the day and the beautiful backdrops that both the ceremony site and reception provided.

Janell, who I have been friends with for ten years,looked beautiful in the gown her mother Susan wore down the aisle 40 years before. The reception highlights included the clam shell table cards created by hand by Janell, a phone call from Drew's good friend serving in Iraq, a toast and blessing from Janell's father Gary, bridal party performances on stage with Boston band Men in Black, and the first dance to Queen's 'Best Friend'.

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mortana said...

congrats janell and drew. i am so sorry i missed it, this video was awesome and was a great way to sort of be there. thanks for posting this. all my love from the montana faction of the morrone clan, jeremy