July 03, 2007

Lamor & Ieshah; July 1: The Sands

I met Lamor and Ieshah for the first time at their office in the Empire State Building. While having their office space in the tallest building in NYC makes them used to being pretty high, I'm sure it didn't compare to the top-of-the-world, happy feelings that were prevalent throughout their wedding day in Long Island on Sunday.

I met with Ieshah and her bridesmaids at the Fox Hollow Inn in Woodbury Long Island, while Adam walked the few blocks from his apartment in Brooklyn to film the early part of the day with Lamor and his groomsmen.

The girls did typical bridesmaid things including worrying about being late, fixing hair and make-up and wondering what the men were up to. Lamor and the groomsmen hung out and had fun while taking a limo ride around Brooklyn to some of his favorite places before heading to the Sands in Lido Beach.

Ieshah arrived at the Sands about a half hour before Lamor and took great pains to keep her beautiful dress and self out of view of both him and guests. She took refuge in the bridal suite for over an hour and expressed her eagerness for the ceremony to start as we got close.

Lamor was all smiles and was kept loose by his younger brother and best man who couldn't stop smiling and making everyone laugh. He promised me that he would book me in his projected year of marriage: 2035.

The outdoor ceremony had only a slight threat of bad weather and went off without a hitch. Lamor, a minister himself, was pleased that his pastor mentor was able to officiate. After the ceremony, the wedding party went to the nearby marina for photos with Jirel and Sandy from A Raisin in the Sun Photography while the guests enjoyed cocktail hour.

The reception was started off with the introduction of the entire wedding party before Lamor and Ieshah finally made their entrance to raucous applause and cheers. They moved right into first dance before a few toasts by the wedding party as well as emotional words from the groom. Dancing was non-stop except for the breaks to enjoy the delicious food and wedding cake.

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