November 15, 2012

Jeanine & T.J.; Bedell Cellars, The North Fork

T.J. fixes hot rods for a living, so it was no surprise that he had a few of them at the Harborfront Inn in Greenport, where he and Jeanine got ready! TAS videographer, Spencer, went along for a ride which is what we open up the highlight video with.  The couple headed down the road a bit after getting ready to Bedell Cellars, where they locked eyes (teary, red ones on T.J.) for the first time as Jeanine came down the aisle. After that it was all smiles as the couple danced, drank, ate and laughed through a night they will never forget! We used a special piece of equipment called a jib for the first time on this shoot, which gives the camera the ability to go high and low in one sweeping movement. If you like the look of a jib or a crane for your NYC wedding video, please talk to us and we will go over the options!

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