February 05, 2010

Two Cameras? Should we film getting ready? Why is getting great audio so important?

For most of brides, this will be the first and only time you have to worry about hiring a NYC wedding videographer. It's OK if you don't know what to ask about video or even if you're not really sure what you want. A lot of times I get asked if two cameras are needed or if it's important to film the getting ready time. I'm also asked how we capture audio- especially during the vows- so not one important word is missed.

In the short clip below you will see a NYC wedding video excerpt from a wedding we filmed in 2009 at NYC's famed St. Regis Hotel and St. Ignatius Loyola Church NYC on the upper east side. While I don't always think 2 cameras are necessary, you will see why having 2 at a Catholic ceremony is important. Also, you will hear the great dialogue between bride and friends getting ready that photos won't do justice. My favorite part, though, is the emotional vows and how- even 40 to 50 feet away- we capture every word and whisper with the discreetly placed wireless microphone in the groom's coat pocket. Enjoy!

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Amberdawn said...

What a beautiful ceremony.