March 10, 2009

A few E-mails from Happy Brides

It's always nice to get positive feedback after sending out the videos. Here are a few recent e-mails.

"Hi Tim-

I have been meaning to email you about the video!! It was amazing! You
did such a great job! We absolutely love it and I have watched it 5
times so far!!! I will be recommending you to any bride I know!!!

Thanks again!!!



We just finished watching our video...

Words truly cannot express how appreciative we are for such a beautiful and vivid production.

Your natural intuition and creativity brought our day to life once more and we will forever be grateful for such a wonderful gift.

Loved the outtakes...and the black and white montage was gorgeous.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jill and Tom"

"Hi Tim
We got the videos and we LOVE it!!! We have watched it numerous times. We are looking forward to sharing it with our family. I'll see if I can film some video reactions for you. We especially loved the outtakes and the video highlights. You truly captured our day and who we are. Yes, We did have a REALLY good time. Please extend a big thanks to Brian, he was fantastic and so were you for having to edit such a wild wedding.
Kelly & Peter"

"Video is awesomeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Just got home from a long beginning of the week, just wanted to let you know we loved it before I go pass out...


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