May 01, 2008

Tim Alan Studios now called Tim Alan Smith

I am pleased to announce that I have recently changed the name of the company from Tim Alan Studios to Tim Alan Smith.

There are a few reasons for this including the fact that TAS is not really a studio but instead a boutique operation in which I do the lion's share of the work from the initial customer contact through the final edit. I take pride in being able to know all my customers well and to be there with them through every step of the process.

Another reason is the confusion over the name 'Alan'. Many people assumed (for good reason!) that Alan was either my last name or the name of a business partner. It is neither, but instead simply my middle name. By changing the company name, this will eliminate any confusion in the future!

Please take time to check our website and new logo, both of which have been updated recently by Jason from Net Fusion Studios.

1 comment:

joecacti said...

I hereby approve this change.
Haha, what's up Tim! This is Fred Miller from North Hunterdon.