March 07, 2008

Super 8 Video Clip

A lot of clients ask us about Super 8 film because they like the timeless, classic look of it. While we shoot most of our weddings strictly with our HD/Widescreen cameras, we do incorporate some Super 8 footage as well if desired.

The appeals of Super 8 are many: it has a nostalgic look, the camera looks and sounds cool, and it makes your wedding stand out from the rest because it's so unique.

There are also not-so-great things about Super 8 that you should think about: film is very expensive, there is no audio, and it is VERY hard to shoot in low light situations.

With the video clip below, you will notice the indoor shots are a bit dark while the outdoor shots came out much better. You will also note both color and black and white footage as super 8 film can be shot with both.

A lot of couples have been opting for our engagement shoot Super 8 option in which we hit a bunch of their favorite NYC spots months before the wedding to create an artsy film for them to show at the rehearsal dinner or reception. This allows us to focus on Super 8 by itself and to do it on a day that's less stressful for both Tim Alan videographers and the couple.

A clip from one of the engagement shoots will be appearing in this space soon, so stay tuned!

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