December 14, 2007

Engagement on Ice: Ricardo & Ana Miguel

A few weeks ago I received an e-mail inquiring whether or not we could film an engagement at the ice rink at Rockefeller Center. I have never filmed an engagement and was excited by the request. Now all I had to do was work out the logistics.

The logistics with this one were a little tricky because Ricardo was writing me from Portugal and he wouldn't be arriving until a day before the proposal! We had to plan everything through e-mail with limited room for error. Forecasts called for rain storms, so we were prepared to reschedule for the next night if it was a downpour.

Ricardo and I planned to meet in the bathroom at the Rockefeller Skatehouse at 9:30 on Tuesday along with Peter, the manager of the rink. Ricardo left his unsuspecting girlfriend, Ana Miguel, to wait in line for skates while he snuck off to meet us. While Peter quickly gave him instructions as to what would happen, I hid a wireless microphone on his jacket so we could record every word of the proposal. Peter took a CD from Ricardo which would play two songs of his choice (one of which is used on the video below) during and after the proposal.

As soon as Ricardo left, we waited a few moments and discretely made our way to the steps overlooking the rink to get a good view. Ricardo and Ana Miguel eventually came out of the Skatehouse and joined the hundreds of skaters circling the rink. At ten, an announcement was made that the skaters must clear the ice. After the last few stragglers left, Ricardo delayed and handed his camera to a rink employee asking him to 'take as many photos as you can."

He then took Ana Miguel to the side and told her how much he loved her before getting on one knee and proposing. All eyes from the restaurant, the side of the rink and the tourists above were on the couple. A cheer erupted from all when Ricardo and Ana Miguel hugged, a sure sign that she said yes!

Peter made sure they did the ceremonial lap around the rink to celebrate and they said a few words on camera for posterity before heading off in to the night, which will be one they won't soon forget!


JBL said...

Just Watched!! Loved it! I have little tears in my eyes...well..i am just his father....Good Luck to BOTH!!;-)))))

Maria Adelaide Marques said...

Foi com enorme emoção que presenciei um momento único de felicidade que desejo que seja o primeiro de muitos.
Bjs da tia e madrinha

Luis_Miguel said...

Ana e Ricardo, são estes momentos que se recordam para sempre. Votos sinceros de muita felicidade, Luís Miguel

Ricardo said...

Acabámos de ver o momento ALTO do ano!
Estamos muito felizes por vocês e verdadeiramente impressionados com a capacidade do Ricardo para produzir e realizar este filme, de que nunca nos vamos esquecer.
A Ana tem veia artística qb para poder mudar de profissão, se estiver farta da advocacia.
Susana e Ricardo Soutelinho

Badas said...

Unlike Ricardo's father, I don't cry. Ever. However, this is a touching moment and I'm very happy for you.

In the final, when they are giving the interview, Ricardo can't seem to stop smiling. You really both look like that was the happiest day of your lives.

Hugs, kisses and best wishes to Ricardo and Ana.

grao_de_po said...

i almost cried too!!!

parabéns!!! eu que achava que o ricardo estava a gozar quando falou do vídeo estar num blog, eheh.


Thinker said...

Que momento emocionante! É visível a alegria nas vossas caras. Tenho a certeza que esta história acaba com um "and they all lived happily ever after!!"

muita alegria e felicidade são os votos da inês

Ana Margarida said...

Ricardo, q ideia mais original.... Mtas Feliciades e q tudo corra pelo melhor com vcs os dois.
Bjocas da tua amiga, Ana Margarida Marques Mendes